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About Stacia Hofmann

I am a business contracts attorney at Cornerpoint Law in Seattle, Washington. I help small business owners use the power of contracts, the rules of law, and concepts of risk management for more effective operations and enhanced legal protection. I also assist individuals with business ownership offers, exits, LLC disputes, and employment contracts. t: 206-693-2718 | e:

The 12 Jury Trials of Washington


It is December, and as there are "12 days of Christmas" and 12 jurors on a jury, I thought I'd use the coincidence to highlight 12 instances of allegations of juror misconduct in real-life civil trial deliberations.

The 12 Jury Trials of Washington2019-12-19T15:16:47-08:00

Washington Small Business Laws|2019-2020 Changes|Infographic


Are you prepared for the new Washington business and employment laws that recently went into effect - or will in the new year? Here's a downloadable infographic to help navigate through six of the biggest legal changes that deserve a business owner's attention.

Washington Small Business Laws|2019-2020 Changes|Infographic2019-10-09T15:23:42-07:00
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