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How does Cornerpoint help small businesses? 

(1) We are passionate about helping Pacific Northwest businesses manage risk. Seattle business attorney Stacia Hofmann is an endorser of smart risk-taking and subscriber to the maxim, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” That’s why you’ll find us at the corner of legal advice and risk management. We form businesses, draft legal documents for business transactions, and advise on legal regulations. But, in addition to these traditional business law services that help build your business, we also offer proactive legal risk management consulting to help protect it:

  • Contracts – We draft, review, and revise business agreements and other contracts to position and protect businesses.
  • Employment – We advise on the employer/employee relationship to reduce the likelihood of discrimination, worker’s compensation, and other employment-related claims.
  • Insurance – We provide insurance coverage advice, particularly with respect to business liability.
  • Torts – We create policies and procedures designed to prevent injuries and tort damages to customers, clients, and the public, and provide precautionary legal defenses to help minimize the consequences of possible lawsuits.
  • Cyber Risk – We provide cyber risk management, including legal compliance and cyber insurance advice.

(2) We will fight for you. If a business dispute arises, we not only vigorously advocate for you, but we also provide you with the legal information you need to make the best choices for you and your business. Stacia is a litigator who has represented hundreds of businesses in court, and we focus on breach of contract lawsuits. Risk management is absolutely critical even in litigation, and we guide clients through initial planning, ongoing case strategy, discovery and motions practice, and case resolution, whether by negotiation, mediation, dismissal, arbitration, or trial.  

(3) We make hiring a lawyer seamless and convenient. We know that your time is valuable and that hiring an attorney is typically a “need” rather than a “want.” With our online intake process, clients provide us with case-related information on their own schedule. Since we’re a paperless office (meaning we don’t print or snail mail unless preferred), we heavily rely on technology for communicating with clients. And although Stacia is based in Seattle, she represents clients who are located throughout Washington, particularly in King and Snohomish counties. Prefer video chat to the telephone? We Skype, Zoom, and Duo. Or, with our fully mobile office, we meet clients at a time and place that works for them – traffic and expensive parking begone! And when it is time for the payment of legal fees, we accept PayPal and credit cards (except for deposits into our trust account, which we require by check).

Although Cornerpoint primarily represents businesses, we also occasionally represent individuals, applying the same legal and risk management principles we use with our business clients.

We help our clients use the power of the law to position their businesses for success.

If you or your business needs an attorney, call 206-693-2718 or email us for a free 10 minute consultation. Or, read more about business attorney Stacia Hofmann, our practice areas, or our services.

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If you're considering adding an arbitration requirement to a contract, you can choose which types of disputes to leave in
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Arbitration is an alternative venue to court. If a party could seek a judge midcourse, there would be increased delays
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Some employment roles have value beyond wages. An employment offer that overpromises or is not well-drafted can be just as
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Fundamentally changing an at-will employee's job duties after employment begins may result in a claim for breach of contract.
Small Ball Can Have Big Impact
By understanding that even minor, unintentional marketing mistakes can lead to consumer protection claims, business owners can better manage the
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An agreement to arbitrate requires that the parties actually agree to arbitration.
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Time flies, but lawsuits move slowly, so it's entirely possible that parties may be involved in court litigation when the
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All small business owners, even those without employees, should understand Washington's workers' compensation reimbursement rights.

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