Client Reviews and Testimonials

The following client reviews and testimonials are mostly pulled from third-party review websites Avvo, Google, or LinkedIn. A few were submitted directly to Cornerpoint Law for purposes of posting to this website.

I absolutely loved working with Stacia. She is extremely detail oriented and competent and her communication is always clear and timely. She worked closely with me to draft a Client Agreement, Release of Liability, and Warranty for our company, and I really valued her feedback and flexibility. I highly recommend Stacia and will definitely use her for any upcoming projects we have.


The Cornerpoint Team was a joy to work with! Stacia gave us much needed updates to our employee manuals and insights on how to best update everything to current regulations. She was thorough, professional, and explained everything extremely well. And she was wonderful at follow-up, even when I dropped the ball. I could not recommend her enough!


I needed some contract work done. Stacia was attentive, thorough, and gave excellent suggestions for the contracts. As a small business owner, I appreciate how responsive and quick she was with her work. I highly recommend Stacia and I’ll gladly continue working with her.


We recently started a remodeling business. We knew that we needed a contract, but could not afford it at first. I did some looking around for quotes. Stacia happened to be the most pricey, (But I’ll tell you, it was worth every penny!) but was very comparable to others. She was the best at communicating, her customer service (so to speak) was AMAZING and her personality was light and positive all along with being very knowledgeable. She was willing to go out of her way to accommodate us. She charges rightfully for time spent with her, but she put her full attention to the task at hand. I’m so glad we didn’t go with someone who wanted a flat fee for the contract. We will be returning in the future.


Stacia was direct and to the point in my situation. I needed a bit more direction because I feel short to a contract I never understood from the beginning. Stacia dissected that and made in much easier to understand. Thank you!!


Stacia was recommended to me to assist with a licensing agreement and I quickly scheduled a free 15-minute consultation to see if she would be a good fit and indeed it was. Stacia was really easy to work with and as a small business owner who doesn’t know much about law jargon, she was able to explain everything thoroughly for me to understand. I will definitely use her again in the near future and would highly recommend her to others.


Stacia is honest, and generous with her time and attention. I worked with her on two separate contractual issues I ran into. She helped me design a contract for my business, and counseled me on getting out of a contract which I was in. She was dedicated, responsive, and very knowledgeable and I had positive results in both instances. She was extremely thorough along the way and gave great advice. I highly recommend working with her.


I really enjoyed working with Stacia Hofmann at Cornerpoint Law even though it was one of the hardest periods of my life. Stacia was extremely knowledgeable dealing with my case, was easy to work with and was clear in her communication. The billing structure at Cornerpoint Law is straight forward and they offer multiple payment options. Stacia is the right person to have in your corner and I highly recommend her services to anyone.


My husband and I own a small business that we took over from my in-laws and needed some help rewriting our contracts. Stacia took the time to get to know our company and help us make sure we had a thorough and updated contract that covered so many things we had failed to think about before. She was great at communicating with us and made sure we understood everything. She was a pleasure to work with and we will be using her in the future for any legal needs! Highly recommend!


I had the opportunity to work with Stacia as I set up my own small business. She came highly recommended and exceeded my expectations. As different, often unexpected, issues arose, she handled each with speed, enthusiasm, and conceptual dexterity. Although I was undoubtedly one of her smaller clients, her commitment to me was clear. In addition to advising me on the formation of an LLC, she also served as a small business tutor and coach. Her mentoring has served me very well. I highly recommend her to anyone forming their own business.


I value a professional who knows their stuff AND is easy to talk to and truly listens to my viewpoint and concerns. Sometimes you only get one or the other. Stacia provided both.

I needed help with what was probably a small project to her, but was important to me. She provided lots of attention and thoroughness to my case, and I came away knowing exactly what I was facing and able to make well-informed decisions.


Will this matter in 6 months? In 1 year? In 2 years? Stacia’s motto. Incredible. She changed the trajectory of my life. The lawsuit is behind me because of her. I am grateful for her counsel.

– Always available
– Reasonable hourly rate
– Excellent writer
– Aggressive in court

Stacia will never BS you. She tells you the truth no matter how difficult it is to hear and keeps things in perspective. You want Stacia in your life forever. Seriously.
Stacia now handles all my legal matters. Period. Enough Said.


I was pleased from the minute Stacia called me for a consultation. I learned more in that 20 minutes than I ever had with regards to lease contracts. She was patient with me since I’m a new small business owner and educated me not only on my current lease contract but on things I should consider in the future. She was incredibly responsive especially since our work together was right around the holidays.


I sought legal advice due to my recent relocation to Washington State. Stacia was highly recommended by several colleagues. She was able to give me guidance and advice regarding my situation during my initial consultation. I immediately hired her, and she was able to deal with the other party and successfully close on all legal topics. I would highly recommend her to anyone that needs legal advice and a prompt resolution to their legal matters.


I am an attorney in Chicago and needed an attorney in Seattle for a breach of contract case. I found Stacia on Avvo and she was very responsive throughout the whole process and we got a great result in the case. It was new experience for me being the client and not the attorney. Highly recommend Stacia.


We are so thrilled to have found Stacia!  She came with a glowing report from a highly reputable lawyer.  Our experience working with Stacia has even exceeded the report!  Her response time is incredible, and her clarity much more than we could have hoped for.  She is very professional while remaining wonderfully approachable and we have full confidence in her abilities.

Janel and Jorge

Thank you Stacia for all your help and suggestions. It has been a pleasure working with you and we look forward to a continuing relationship.


Stacia Hofmann at Cornerpoint Law is quite possibly the most accurate, knowledgeable and thorough attorney around. Wow, where to start? We hired Stacia to write a contract or two for our rental company. We are new to the rental business and the niche we are in is also pretty unique. Stacia took on the challenge with grace and impressed us at every step of the way. (Read complete review on Facebook or Google.)


Ms. Hofmann was a Nationwide Insurance lawyer when she took my case. During the long process she demonstrated resourcefulness, tenacity and skills, a great expertise and professionalism.
She also was comforting, encouraging and her confidence was communicative and soothing. As in the ad the words would resonate in my ears: Nationwide is on your side. But it was Stacia.


We are a UK based company, and approached Stacia about recovering money owed to us from a U.S. firm. The recovery process had taken us months, before we approached her. All it took was one letter from Cornerpoint Law and the debtor offered to settle. Great work!


Stacia represented us in a case spanning several years. She remained focused, committed and overall excellent. She guided us through a very stressful lawsuit and always remained professional while taking the time to answer all of our concerns and questions. I felt she truly cared about our situation and was invested in the outcome (and we won). I absolutely recommend Stacia and would hire her again.


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