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In addition to traditional business law services that help build your business, we also provide risk management consulting to help protect it. Cornerpoint Law’s philosophy is that the vast majority of lawsuits are avoidable. Our primary goal is to eliminate the need for litigation where possible, and minimize the impact where it is not, by identifying, analyzing, and treating risks to businesses before they occur.

On the one hand, risks lead to litigation. The most common type of civil lawsuits involve negligence or breach of contract, and the risk of each can be controlled. Negligence requires foreseeability, and lawsuits involving injuries and damages to people and property are usually preventable by ensuring operations are carried out with due care. Similarly, given that contracts contemplate future actions, including well-defined terms and obligations in business contracts helps lessen the likelihood and consequences of litigation.

On the other hand, certain risks may be necessary for growth and expansion, and cannot reasonably be avoided. Other times, despite all precautions, accidents still happen. In these instances, optimizing risk by securing proper insurance coverage and using legally enforceable contracts are key to a business’s survival.

How can we help? Cornerpoint identifies and analyzes the risks that interfere with or threaten your business by reviewing the business’s past losses, its operations and goals, and its existing systems, policies, and procedures. Cornerpoint reduces the likelihood of a loss occurring, and lessens the consequences, through legal analysis and the development of risk control techniques. We also provide advice as to insurance coverage to protect your business in the event of a loss, and draft contracts and other legal documents to strengthen the business’s position in dealing with customers, clients, and business associates.

Managing risk within a legal framework improves your business’s bottom line, preserves resources, fosters longevity, and promotes social responsibility. And, while litigation is a last resort, it is sometimes the only option. Cornerpoint also vigorously represents businesses in legal disputes with others, taking the same passion we have for risk management to the courtroom.


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