Employment Law

Cornerpoint advises your business on its legal responsibilities to employees, offers risk management for the prevention of employee injuries and claims against your business, and drafts employment contracts to protect your business.employment law, Seattle, Washington

Businesses face risks in managing employees, including claims by current and former employees for wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment, and unpaid wages. Cornerpoint controls these risks by developing employment policies clarifying rules and expectations, and procedures and resources for employees in the event of harassment or discrimination. We also manage risk by drafting employment contracts, such as separation, confidentiality, and non-compete agreements.

Furthermore, in Washington, worker’s compensation insurance is provided through and administered by the State, unless the employer has assets worth at least $25 million and is certified as self-insured. Like other insurance, worker’s compensation premiums are partially based on the marketplace, but also factor in a company’s risks and past claims. Employee safety should be a primary concern for every business, and we can help achieve this goal through risk management. Implementing and reinforcing solid policies and procedures regarding machinery, materials, vehicles, and other conditions results in less frequent and severe employee injuries. This means lower worker’s compensation premiums and less business interruption due to the absence or limitations of injured employees.

Should an employment dispute arise, Cornerpoint can also represent your business in litigation.


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