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An index of posts containing commentary on jury trials.

The 12 Jury Trials of Washington


It is December, and as there are "12 days of Christmas" and 12 jurors on a jury, I thought I'd use the coincidence to highlight 12 instances of allegations of juror misconduct in real-life civil trial deliberations.

The 12 Jury Trials of Washington2019-12-19T15:16:47-08:00

The Court’s Finish Line: Trial


Just Because You Can't See It Doesn't Mean It's Not There By Stacia Hofmann ...More

The Court’s Finish Line: Trial2018-10-31T16:28:39-07:00

Charting Discovery: Show Me Your Cards


Use Discovery to Request Information and Avoid Surprises By Stacia Hofmann What happens after ...More

Charting Discovery: Show Me Your Cards2018-07-02T10:34:51-07:00