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Liability Waivers Need to Be Obvious


In Washington, preinjury contractual releases and waivers of liability are permitted. Whether or not they are actually enforceable depends on several factors, one of which is the conspicuousness of the contract language.

Liability Waivers Need to Be Obvious2021-07-29T17:17:20-07:00

Washington Small Business Laws|2019-2020 Changes|Infographic


Are you prepared for the new Washington business and employment laws that recently went into effect - or will in the new year? Here's a downloadable infographic to help navigate through six of the biggest legal changes that deserve a business owner's attention.

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Seller Beware: Conclusion


Navigating the Washington Product Liability Act Part Four: Conclusion by Stacia Hofmann In this ...More

Seller Beware: Conclusion2017-05-26T16:59:52-07:00