Industries Served

Our clients span across industries. Often, our clients fit into a well-known industry. Other times, our clients are in a niche class. Either way, they come to us because they need contracts drafted or reviewed, legal advice on employment relationships, assistance in interpreting and selecting insurance coverage, risk management solutions for liability or cyber risks, or representation in a lawsuit. Some of the frequent legal risks and issues that we manage and advise on – grouped by industries – are below. Click here to learn more about our areas of law practice, or read about our specific services here.

Restaurants and Bars

➡ Premises Liability (i.e. slip and falls)

➡ Liquor Liability and the Service of Alcohol

➡ Assault & Battery (i.e. security personnel/patrons)

➡ Product Liability and Food Contamination

➡ Leases

Restaurant Table


➡ Premises Liability (i.e. slip and falls)

➡ Product Liability

➡ Purchase Orders/Retail Contracts

➡ Consumer Protection Act

➡ Cyber Risk

Shopping Bags in Retail Store

Construction Companies & Contractors

➡ Statutory & L&I Compliance

➡ Contracts and Indemnification

➡ Worksite Accidents

➡ Insurance Coverage

➡ Timber Trespass

Tool Kit



Professional Services

➡ Errors & Omissions

➡ Client & Business Partner Contracts

➡ Employment Agreements

➡ Consumer Protection Act

Above view of young consultant shaking hands with customer


➡ Product Liability

➡ Warranties & Disclaimers

➡ Supply Chain Contracts

➡ Credit Risk

Welder manufacturing metal

Fitness, Sports, & Recreational Activities

➡ Member/Participant/Customer Agreements

➡ Waivers of Liability

➡ Assumption of Risk

➡ Statutory and Regulatory Compliance

Modern gym interior with various equipment


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