Benefits of Our Mobile Law Firm

Cornerpoint Law operates a mobile law firm and virtual office, which means it does not maintain a physical office open to the public. This allows us to maximize your convenience and minimize costs. With a laptop, portable scanner, and portable printer, Cornerpoint takes everything it needs with it on the road.

Our focus is on you and your business. With traffic congestion continually worsening, traveling to an attorney’s office is time-consuming and frustrating. You may forget to bring important documents, and busy operations may keep key employees from making the trip. But when you invite Cornerpoint to your offices or headquarters, you provide attorney Stacia Hofmann with direct access to employees and documents with minimal disruption. And, our access to the right employees and documents provides a more accurate review of your company’s legal risks and available tools to eliminate or lessen those risks.

Furthermore, with Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts, and Live Chat active when Stacia is available, the need for in-person meetings is significantly reduced. If we do need to meet face-to-face away from your business, Cornerpoint will find a private meeting space at a location that is convenient for you.

Finally, we are “paper-less”, so all of your files are digitally stored and secured, yet easily accessible. Our default and preferred method of written communication is email — saving trees and costs.

Please contact us if you have specific communication questions, or to change your preferences.

map of locations

Courtesy of MapJam and Esri World Street Map. Cornerpoint will meet you in any of these locations – or anywhere in between.