Cornerpoint Law operates a mobile law firm and virtual office, which means it does not maintain a physical office open to the public. This arrangement allows attorney Stacia Hofmann to maximize convenience and minimize costs.

Cornerpoint Law was an early adopter of Zoom and other virtual meeting software. In fact, the firm has been virtual since its inception in 2015 – long before the coronavirus pandemic. The ability to screen share and annotate documents means that video conferencing is a particularly effective way to communicate about contracts. When an in-person meeting is required, Stacia will find a private meeting space at a suitable location. With a laptop, portable scanner, and portable printer, she takes everything she needs with her on the road.

Cornerpoint is also “paper-less,” so client files are digitally stored and secured, yet easily accessible.

Please contact Stacia if you have specific communication questions, or to change your preferences.

map of locations

Courtesy of MapJam and Esri World Street Map. Stacia will meet you in any of these locations – or anywhere in between.