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Understanding Indemnity Agreements in Washington


Indemnity agreements can be critical for protecting businesses and individuals from potential legal and financial risks. These agreements are often used to transfer the risk of loss from one party to a contract to the other in case of certain events or situations, such as accidents, negligence, intentional acts, and breach of contract.

Understanding Indemnity Agreements in Washington2023-08-23T14:28:45-07:00

Liability Waivers Need to Be Obvious


In Washington, preinjury contractual releases and waivers of liability are permitted. Whether or not they are actually enforceable depends on several factors, one of which is the conspicuousness of the contract language.

Liability Waivers Need to Be Obvious2021-07-29T17:17:20-07:00

The 12 Jury Trials of Washington


It is December, and as there are "12 days of Christmas" and 12 jurors on a jury, I thought I'd use the coincidence to highlight 12 instances of allegations of juror misconduct in real-life civil trial deliberations.

The 12 Jury Trials of Washington2019-12-19T15:16:47-08:00